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At 18FIFTY we believe that for lighting to be seamlessly integrated, attention to detail and involvement in every stage of the design process are the decisive factors for a striking result.
We offer our expertise from inception to completion. To understand how we work, keep reading!

From the initiation of a project, collaboration between clients and design team is key to comprehend in-depth the requirements, constraints, principals in which upon a project will be developed.
We review all available documentations and we engage in discussions with all the parties involved to get a deep understanding of the design intent.


After the brief, the concept begins to form. Initial ideas and proposals start flowing and based on the feedback we receive, a lighting concept document will be formed.

Upon client sign-off, this document will be utilised as a reference and will be the “bible” that encompasses the design principals of the lighting scheme.


Concept sign-off signals the beginning of the schematic design.
We work on sketches, preliminary drawings, details, lighting mock-ups & material samples as well as cost estimates to ensure that the design is apart from enticing, also buildable and within the budget limits.


The notorious phase of eternal coordination among all design team members. Thoroughly enjoyable as we see our design taking shape.
Through a series of team meetings (or the current trend of video calls!) all the finer details are discussed and hopefully agreed.

At the end of this phase, a full set of lighting design package is released which contains in detail all the principals and specifications for the project.


From early on, we work closely with contractors to ensure that the design submitted is understood correctly and will be implemented as per design intent. Keeping in contact with the supply chain is also very crucial in order to help mitigate delays.

When construction is coming to an end, a number of site visits are arranged for the purposes of quality control and monitoring the installation of the lighting fixtures.


After interiors have been set and the client has given their approval, it is action-time for us.
Making sure that each light fixture has a purpose and complements the architecture and interiors is the essence of a lighting scheme.

Commissioning and reviewing the lighting levels along with the control specialist and the client, is one of the most crucial aspects of lighting design for us; give the space the atmosphere it deserves.

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